EXPLAINED: How to Install .tar, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2  files on Linux [ Step-by-Step Guide]17 Dec 2019.

Linux 64-bit Binary: xz. Linux PPC LE 64-bit Binary.

adccdrom-bin.linux.tar.gz, 470.6 KiB, 2013-10-27 16:00. adccdrom-bin.linux64. tar.gz, 1.1 MiB, 2013-10-27 16:00. adccdrom-bin.macintel.tar.gz, 765.8 KiB.

./geckodriver-v0.26.0-linux32-orig.tar.gz 2019-10-12T17:24:01Z 2330668(2.22MB) geckodriver-v0.26.0-linux32.tar.gz 2019-10-12T18:17:43Z 2330668(2.22MB) geckodriver-v0.

Linux (Intel 64‑bit), xoreos-0.0.5-linux64.tar.gz · xoreos-tools-0.0.5-linux64.tar.gz · phaethon-0.0.5-linux64.tar.gz. Windows (Intel 32‑bit),

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more . Opening a .tar.gz file with a single command. Ask Question Asked 11 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 55k times 39. 8. When I download a .tar.gz file, I open it with two commands, first gunzip and then tar. Is it possible to open it with just one command.

Linux version (spectra_linux64.tar.gz), compiled on Ubuntu 14.04, 64 bit Linux version (spectra_linux_centos32.tar.gz), compiled on CentOS 6.5, 32 bit Save spectra_linux(32or64).tar.gz to desired folder and execute "tar -xzvf spectra_linux(32or64).tar.gz" Notes on Linux and Mac OS X versions In these versions, the "Symbol" font, which has been used to show Greek characters.

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15 May 2018.


section to /usr/local/share/gecko_driver (create a folder named gecko_driver which will contain geckodriver-v0.20.1-linux64.tar.gz) 4. Unpack.

tar xvzf eclipse-inst-linux64.tar.gz. Since version 4.15 execute it: ./eclipse-inst. Eclipse (last modified 2020-04-05 08:33:58). Debian privacy policy · MoinMoin.