Augmented Reality Combat Game Ico Token

21/07/2017  · The RealityClash Token Sale is a crowd sale campaign to support the development of the Reality Clash augmented reality mobile game and trading platform. RealityClash will be releasing 200,000,000.

03/08/2017  · About Reality Clash Reality Clash is an augmented Reality FPS combat game available on iPhone and Android and it’s free to play! A new revolutionary gameplay No attachments or add-ons Uses the.

Description Social ICO Dates Token Distribution. Reality Clash will be the most comprehensive and advanced social augmented reality combat game in the market, backed by the Etherum Blockchain. The team behind Reality Clash have worked in games for decades and been involved in many hit titles from Activison, Disney, UbiSoft and Microsoft. A working playable.

REALITY CLASH - The world’s first augmented reality mobile Game with ERC-20 armoury27/08/2017  · The first augmented reality combat game available on iPhone and Android. Features A new revolutionary gameplay • No attachments or add-ons • Uses the phone’s camera, presenting an augmented reality picture on the phones screen • Real world buildings have an impact on gameplay • Connect to friends in real-time using geomap technology • Join private.

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31/08/2017  · ICO mania has run amok in 2017 with some believing it to be a fad that won’t last. However, with messaging unicorn Kik raising $125 million in coins and games such as Reality Clash offering long.